New Online Workshop Starting 14 August 2017. You Can Heal Yourself!

Hi there! How’s it going?

Im so excited!

I’ve just finished putting together my online healing workshop and it’s really really good. (Not showing off now!)

I’ve been working on this  project forever (about eighteen months) and am so thrilled that it’s ready to go!

So – Who’s it for?

Well, this course is for everyone, but mostly for those who resonate with at least one of these things.

  • You life is reasonably good but is not exactly how you want it
  • Your life is crap and you want it to be different
  • You feel stuck, you try hard but nothing seems to change in your life
  • Sometimes things are going really well, then all of a sudden they aren’t
  • You have baggage from past stresses, family, relationships or situations
  • You seem to get sick more often than you really should
  • You have goals and desires but can’t seem to make them happen
  • You want to be empowered to help heal yourself but need a bit of guidance

Anything there?

I wrote this course because I have a strong belief that everyone can heal themselves.

You don’t need to run off to health practitioners all the time.

Of course you may need to sometimes, but how good would it be if we tuned in to ourselves, cleared out some outdated stuff, become clearer and less stressed and started having our lives the way we wanted them?

I regularly sit at home and use my Kinesiology techniques on myself, when I want things in my life to change.

I thought, everyone should be able to do this!

This is how Chakra Healing Online came about for me.

What is a chakra you say?  Chakras are  energy centres in and around your body. They relate to different areas of yourself and your life. Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning “spinning wheel of energy”. These energy centers within our bodies receive and transmit energy.

When these energy centres are blocked (with past negative experiences, negative emotions, beliefs etc) you may find it difficult to move forward in some areas of your life.

So, what do you get in this course?

  • Chakra Information Workbook
  • 7 modules (one per week) of guided information for each chakra
  • Work Sheet questions and activities for the 7 major chakras (relating to 7 areas of yourself and life)
  • Scale of emotions list
  • FREE Australian Bush Flower Essence
  • Introduction/guidance video to each module/chakra
  • 2 (x7)meditation audios for balancing/clearing each chakra
  • Access to our private Chakra Healing Facebook group

How it works

You would spend about an hour a week on each module, so one module a week, working by yourself, on yourself. Each week you would open up the next module and begin immersing yourself in the chakra information, completing worksheets and clearing blocks in that specific chakra/area.

It would be like having 7 Kinesiology sessions! That’s like over $800 worth of therapy!

You would also be invited to join our private Facebook Group, so you could share and get in touch with me to discuss anything about your shifts or insights.

So how much does it cost?

It costs $475.00  but at the moment is $375 for early bird purchasers (before 7th August 2017) This is a bargain!

The starting date will be 14th August 2017 so get in quick for the early bird price!

I will probably only run this course once this year, depending how busy I am, so your next chance would be 2018.

So join now, it’s going to be sooooo good!


Need more convincing or you’d like to invest now, check out my workshop video and information page here.


Chakra Healing Online is enrolling now. Starting date 14th August 2017.

Register now if you like. Can’t wait to hear from you!


Have a great week


Denise x

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