Hey New Time Sunday 8.00pm and Covid Fatigue

Hi All

How are you doing?


I sat for a while the other day at the kitchen bench after my walk and felt so ‘can’t be bothered’ and tired and I thought, I think I have Covid Fatigue!           Yes I’ve just labelled it.


Has anyone else got Covid Fatigue?    Brain fog, apathy, fatigue, confusion, irritation, lacking fun and stimulation. Yes these are the symptoms! Especially here in Victoria.


So I’m going to include clearing these symptoms in my online energy healing session THIS WEEK so lets try and RE- ENERGIZE our entire being!



Along with this, we will be clearing and balancing our next energy centre, the brow chakra. This area is about perception, brain integration, thought, decision making, imagination, intuition, visualization. We are going to be FOCUSING on clearing blocks to DECISION MAKING.


Also, due to popular demand, I’m trying out a new time, this SUNDAY AT 8.00 PM. I have a few UK people on my email list that wanted to join in, so it’s Sunday 10.00 am for them! (I may re-play it Tuesday if you like!)


When we regularly allow time to check in with ourselves, reflect and release what we feel and believe, we CHANGE our energy. And when you change your energy, YOU CHANGE YOUR REALITY!


Love to have you with me!

See you soon.



Denise x





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