How to get rid of negative thoughts, mind chatter and stress naturally!

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I’m running my online course again focusing on clearing our unwanted negative thoughts! See if this resonates with you!

Is your mind always ‘busy’ with chatter and negative talk?

Do you over think, running different scenarios in your head with different situations and people, trying to solve problems that haven’t even occurred yet?


Is your mind full of chatter of ‘why did you do that, you should have done this, you are doing it wrong, you should be doing it this way, you’ve done it again, what’s wrong with you!’

Would you LIKE to have LESS of these unwanted thoughts and instead feel more clearer, calmer, peaceful and content?

Well you’ll love this online 5 Step Mind and Body Transformation! Starts May 8th.

Here’s what people from my February group have been saying!

“Before starting Denise’s online 5 Step Mind and Body Transformation, I was feeling, unsure, lacking clarity, doubting myself, worried and anxious. Almost immediately I began to feel more in control, calmer and clearer and able to deal with things quickly when making decisions. I am more open to ‘new things’ or doing things differently and feel empowered, especially at work. Any unwanted thoughts that appear are quickly dissipated AND do not have the debilitating side effects (ie extreme feelings of anxiety) as experienced before.

I am a secondary school teacher and all of my colleagues have been commenting on how calm I am and what am I doing differently! I love the way I am instantly relaxed when I hear Denise’s voice and so look forward to be guided into clearing the stress from my body. Thanks so much Denise, you have helped change my reality enormously!” Tania

“I have found myself to be more positive, happy and confident after doing Denise’s Online 5 Step Transformation, which seems to rub off on those that are very close to me.
Grateful is the word I love so much from your 10 minute morning mediation too!
Moving forward I have deleted those that have continued to caused me anger and disappointment in my life, only to focus on where I feel my best.
Thank you,”

“I’m loving the Online Transformation program! I absolutely loved the whole 5 weeks and feel like so many things have shifted. I have been eating well, doing pilates, being more patient and reflective prior to responding to the challenging moments of having at teenage daughter. Feeling good and confident about all things!

It’s amazing how many people have noticed the difference in me. All in all what a fantastic experience

You really are brilliant !” Di

But decide for yourself!

I’ve made a short video (FREE) letting you know all about it!

Have a look here.

When you download the video you also get access to experiencing of one of the healing sessions FREE as well, via zoom. Times are this coming week, Sunday 2nd 8.00pm, Monday 3rd 1.00pm and Tues 4th 10.00 am.

Our unwanted negative thoughts come a spit second

before our emotions. Our thoughts and beliefs come from the experiences and stresses from our past and present. Clearing our stress, helps clear out our thoughts!

Click the link for more info

to see what’s involved and what you get!

This is the only post I will be doing here, so jump in if this is for you!

Check the above link for more info or you could email me any questions if you like!

Hope you are having a fabulous week!


Denise x

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