Love, self love and love with conditions

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Self love, self respect, self worth: There’s a reason they all start with ‘self. ‘ You can’t find them in anyone else. – Buddha


I’m going to add self care and time for self. Even if you do have self love, not enough of us SHOW that to ourselves.

By putting time aside REGULARLY to ‘treat’ our selves and DO what you ‘know’ your mind and body would love, IS actually self love.

This Tuesday night 8.00pm we are concentrating on balancing and clearing blocks on love, self love and compassion through our Heart Energy Centre!




Blocks for our heart centre can come from present and past situations. Times where you have experienced rejection and criticism or have had love with ‘conditions’, create these blocks through the negative feelings you have felt.


So lets clear these blocks!

When you regularly check in with yourself, clear and balance your body of negative emotions and beliefs, you allow SPACE to attract MORE of the good stuff that you DO want in life. Does this make sense?


Have a look at some reviews of our past Guided Energy Healing Meditations and see what’s it all about!


Can’t wait to ‘see’ you on Tuesday! JOIN HERE NOW!

($21 cheapest therapy around!)


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Denise x

PS I’m also going to include EVERY week, ‘clearing a stress that is bothering you right now’ fyi xx

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