Manifestation – making things happen

Hi Lovely!

How are you?

GOOD NEWS! I’m back this week in clinic!!!! Woohoo!

AND also back here tomorrow night Tuesday 8.00pm for our Online Guided Energy Healing Meditation!


Click HERE for Clearing Blocks to Manifestation TOMORROW NIGHT!!


We are clearing blocks from our Throat Energy Centre. The throat is about the right to speak and be heard, communication, speaking your truth, creativity and manifestation.

Manifestation is about saying what you want to do, then doing it! But procrastination, apathy, will, lack of creativity and desire, block manifesting the things we want.


Do you know what’s blocking you?


Come and join us tomorrow night to release, relax and re-energize for the week. I’d love to have you there!

Have a look here at some reviews and more info to see what it’s all about.


Have a great week!


Denise x


New feedback!

“Thank you Denise received the recording best $21 weekly spent during Covid such brilliant value during these difficult times. Love  supporting small business. Can’t wait for your doors to open.”


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