Nurture Yourself!

Hi lovely people!


Welcome to some new people, I love having you here!


Your body wants to be nurtured! It’s dying to be nurtured!


I always say to people that the body wants feel good feelings the MAJORITY of the day. This is what your body needs if it’s to function at the level it is supposed to.


That’s not to say that you pretend everything is going well throughout the day, when it’s not. It’s about noticing when things aren’t going as planned and then counteracting it with a simple feel good feeling, like “I love the feeling of warmth from the sun or look at the beautiful blue sky.” Something quick and simple.


So it’s all about what feelings you are ‘vibrating’ out to the environment.  When you vibrate out more positive feelings you attract more positive things/situations. Soooo add some more easy feel good feelings into your day to outweigh the negatives.


At home you can do more self nurturing activities to help keep your vibration UP high! (Up there with the Dalai Lama LoL)

I have a great list of easy self nurturing activities HERE   for you to download.


What is also self nurturing, is my Renew Rebalance Receive Self healing/self clearing e-course!

I’ve had several people take up my Free kinesiology session when they join my SELF HEALING CHAKRA CLEARING E-COURSE (which starts soon 1st March 2018)! Which is fabulous!


SO I’ve decided to offer another early bird special closing by the end of the week, to encourage some fence sitters who need a little more incentive!

This ‘work on yourself, personal development, clearing blocks from your life’ e-course is so great I’d love everyone to be able to have a go! So I’m offering a new price of $267 (down from $347, just for a few days) when you BOOK before this Friday 23rd Feb 5.00pm.


Have a lovely week and happy nurturing!

Denise xx

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