Re-Set your Boundaries!

Hi All

How are you going? ARE WE OKAY MELBOURNE?!!!


I’m really getting into this online stuff because apparently we ARE ALL NOT BACK TILL THE END OF OCTOBER!!! 🙁


Luckily we are enjoying focusing on ourselves and have heaps of spare time to  JOIN our Tuesday night Online Kinesiology Energy Healing. I guarantee you’ll feel great afterwards!


So this Tuesday at 8.00pm we’re identifying and clearing blocks around BOUNDARIES. Boundaries are about how you teach people to treat you. Some people’s boundaries are wide open and accept anything, any behaviour. Other people’s boundaries are too closed, allowing no flexibility. So of course a balance is what we are looking for.

So if you are being treated, ‘not exactly how you want to be’, in certain relationships, you need to re-set your boundaries because, well, you knowingly or unknowingly, set it up like that!


When things don’t sit right with you, you feel a variety of negative emotions like anger, irritation, grief, fear etc, these feelings are a stress to the body. So why keep them there? They cause your body to release stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline, which lower your immune system.


So let’s re-balance this Tuesday at 8.00pm!

BOOK HERE NOW and for more details!

Your body will love it.


Oh also I’ll just add this lovely feedback from someone who found me on facebook and tried my free Energy Healing!

“Hi there, I did your healing last night and I would love to do more. My question is do you also have recorded healings of the ones you have already done. The healing was awesome.”

How fab! If you’d like to try this one and haven’t here, is the LINK!



Denise x

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