Spirit, Mind, Body

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In the wellness area we talk about the Body, Mind, Spirit trilogy.

We are all getting quite good at being aware of the BODY bit, looking after our body with our eating and exercising, but what about the mind and spirit part? Are we looking after that regularly?

I actually think it should be categorized the other way around. Spirit Mind Body!

When you look after your Spirit and Mind first, the Body will follow!


So here are some ideas for caring for your Mind and Spirit!

Mind: The mind is mostly active, so it needs a bit of rest, reflection and release. So any activity that clears or relaxes the mind is good on a REGULAR basis.

For example, quiet reflection, mindfully walking, meditation, either guided, mantra based or any other meditation, reading a book, listening to music, being present in nature, having a nap and being still. Reflecting and releasing the past, also allows SPACE for you to reconnect with your spirit.


Spirit: It’s about YOUR connection to YOU and it’s YOUR connection to the universe/spirit. Your spirit is that special spark that is only you. It’s about your unique ‘specialness’, your personality, your unique desires that you have, what motivates you, what drives you ‘inside’, it’s what comes out when you are passionate. It’s about letting your light shine.


So finding a PASSION that brings out your spirit, is THE best thing you could do! Something that you are good at or really interested in. Something that makes you feel good to the point of ‘I feel like an expert!’

So taking care and balancing out your MIND and SPIRIT regularly is equally important (if not more) to our Body Mind Spirit well being!


Just on that note of resting and connecting, a reminder Our Tuesday night’s Online Energy Healing Meditation 8.00pm will be focusing on RELEASING A STRESS THAT IS BOTHERING YOU TODAY and also focusing on clearing blocks to SELF CONFIDENCE AND JOY!



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