Want to feel peaceful, focused, empowered, content?

Hi Everyone!

I hope you had a lovely Easter!


Peaceful, focused, empowered, content. Umm yeah, I’ll have that!

If you’ve missed a few posts, I’ve been  doing online energy healing through zoom, it’s relaxing, clearing and working! Scroll down and have a look at a few posts for some reviews.


So tomorrow night, 8.00pm, from the comfort of your home, online Energy Healing’s Topic is – the Solar Plexus

This energy centre is around your core and it’s about what EVERY person experiences, in different times/areas of their life,


HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT YOURSELF!  HMMMM sometimes good, sometimes bad:(


If you missed last weeks post with the details, it is HERE


So lets shake up and balance some energy!


Hit reply to this post to say YES I’LL BE COMING! And I’ll send you some more details and put you on the list.

(thanks to those who’ve replied, I’ve got you in)

Have a safe week!


Denise xx



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